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598BAB000107DGR Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) OSC XO 10.0000MHZ LVDS SMD $8.848/pcs Inquiry
SIT8209AI-3F-25S-106.250000T SiTime -40 TO 85C, 5032, 10PPM, 2.5V, 1 $3.047/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-23-25N-74.176000D Image SIT1602BC-23-25N-74.176000D SiTime -20 TO 70C, 3225, 50PPM, 2.5V, 7 $0.535/pcs Inquiry
DS4077L-BDN Maxim Integrated OSC VCXO 122.88MHZ LVDS SMD   Inquiry
AMPMDGA-29.5000 Abracon Corporation OSC MEMS XO 29.5000MHZ OE $1.254/pcs Inquiry
AMPMDFB-19.2000 Abracon Corporation OSC MEMS XO 19.2000MHZ ST $1.331/pcs Inquiry
SIT8208AC-GF-18E-19.440000Y Image SIT8208AC-GF-18E-19.440000Y SiTime OSC MEMS 19.4400MHZ LVCMOS SMD $2.823/pcs Inquiry
571BFA000112DGR Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) OSC VCXO 10.0000MHZ LVDS SMD $123.046/pcs Inquiry
SIT9001AI-13-33E1-27.00000T Image SIT9001AI-13-33E1-27.00000T SiTime OSC MEMS 27.0000MHZ LVCMOS SMD $1.271/pcs Inquiry
SG5032CAN 62.500000M-TJGA3 Image SG5032CAN 62.500000M-TJGA3 Epson OSC XO 62.5MHZ CMOS SMD $0.741/pcs Inquiry
571BMB000159DGR Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) OSC VCXO 148.5000MHZ LVDS SMD $106.48/pcs Inquiry
570BCB000126DGR Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) OSC XO 200.0000MHZ LVDS SMD $32.425/pcs Inquiry
AMPMGGA-80.0000T3 Abracon Corporation OSC MEMS XO 80.0000MHZ OE $1.366/pcs Inquiry
SIT8209AI-31-25S-150.000000T SiTime -40 TO 85C, 5032, 20PPM, 2.5V, 1 $3.047/pcs Inquiry
XLL526100.000000X Image XLL526100.000000X IDT (Integrated Device Technology) OSC XO 100.000MHZ LVDS SMD $2.72/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-33-25E-72.000000T Image SIT1602BC-33-25E-72.000000T SiTime -20 TO 70C, 5032, 50PPM, 2.5V, 7 $0.561/pcs Inquiry
AX7DAF1-167.3317C Image AX7DAF1-167.3317C Abracon Corporation OSC 167.33165MHZ 3.3V LVDS SMD $6.278/pcs Inquiry
DSC1123BI2-212.5000T Image DSC1123BI2-212.5000T Micrel / Microchip Technology OSC MEMS 212.5MHZ LVDS SMD   Inquiry
SIT8920BM-73-33S-50.000000D Image SIT8920BM-73-33S-50.000000D SiTime OSC MEMS 50.0000MHZ LVCMOS SMD $1.972/pcs Inquiry
AX7PBF4-768.0000T Image AX7PBF4-768.0000T Abracon Corporation OSC 768MHZ 2.5V LVPECL SMD $12.419/pcs Inquiry
SIT8103AC-23-18E-66.00000 Image SIT8103AC-23-18E-66.00000 SiTime OSC MEMS 33.000MHZ LVCMOS LVTTL $1.103/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-21-28S-4.096000E Image SIT1602BI-21-28S-4.096000E SiTime -40 TO 85C, 3225, 20PPM, 2.8V, 4 $0.669/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-13-28E-30.000000E Image SIT1602BI-13-28E-30.000000E SiTime -40 TO 85C, 2520, 50PPM, 2.8V, 3 $0.581/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-11-25S-7.372800G Image SIT1602BC-11-25S-7.372800G SiTime -20 TO 70C, 2520, 20PPM, 2.5V, 7 $0.962/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-81-28N-24.000000Y Image SIT1602BC-81-28N-24.000000Y SiTime -20 TO 70C, 7050, 20PPM, 2.8V, 2 $0.667/pcs Inquiry
SIT8208AC-81-28S-16.367667T SiTime -20 TO 70C, 7050, 20PPM, 2.8V, 1 $1.418/pcs Inquiry
SIT8208AC-8F-28S-60.000000X SiTime -20 TO 70C, 7050, 10PPM, 2.8V, 6 $3.618/pcs Inquiry
AMPMGDA-4.0960T Abracon Corporation OSC MEMS XO 4.0960MHZ OE $1.485/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-23-33E-30.000000E Image SIT1602BC-23-33E-30.000000E SiTime -20 TO 70C, 3225, 50PPM, 3.3V, 3 $0.554/pcs Inquiry
SIT8208AC-22-28E-6.000000T SiTime -20 TO 70C, 3225, 25PPM, 2.8V, 6 $1.128/pcs Inquiry
AX7DBF1-206.2500T Image AX7DBF1-206.2500T Abracon Corporation OSC 206.25MHZ 2.5V LVDS SMD $7.027/pcs Inquiry
SIT8209AI-32-28S-166.600000X SiTime -40 TO 85C, 5032, 25PPM, 2.8V, 1 $3.364/pcs Inquiry
SIT8209AI-31-25E-148.351648Y SiTime -40 TO 85C, 5032, 20PPM, 2.5V, 1 $3.291/pcs Inquiry
AX7DAF3-1800.0000C Image AX7DAF3-1800.0000C Abracon Corporation OSC 1.8GHZ 3.3V LVDS SMD $25.497/pcs Inquiry
AMPMAEA-24.545454 Abracon Corporation OSC MEMS XO 24.5455MHZ OE $1.408/pcs Inquiry
SIT9121AI-1D2-33E66.667000T Image SIT9121AI-1D2-33E66.667000T SiTime OSC MEMS 66.6670MHZ LVPECL SMD $2.205/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-71-28N-31.250000G Image SIT1602BC-71-28N-31.250000G SiTime -20 TO 70C, 2016, 20PPM, 2.8V, 3 $0.916/pcs Inquiry
ASD1-20.000MHZ-EC-T3 Image ASD1-20.000MHZ-EC-T3 Abracon Corporation OSC XO 20.000MHZ HCMOS SMD $0.98/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-22-18S-26.000000G Image SIT1602BI-22-18S-26.000000G SiTime -40 TO 85C, 3225, 25PPM, 1.8V, 2 $1.01/pcs Inquiry
BS-156.250MCC-T Image BS-156.250MCC-T TXC Corporation OSC SO 156.25MHZ LVPECL SMD $3.591/pcs Inquiry
SIT8008BI-11-XXE-24.000000E Image SIT8008BI-11-XXE-24.000000E SiTime OSC MEMS 24.0000MHZ LVCMOS SMD $0.721/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BC-72-XXE-74.250000G Image SIT1602BC-72-XXE-74.250000G SiTime -20 TO 70C, 2016, 25PPM, 2.25V-3 $0.916/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-22-XXN-4.000000D Image SIT1602BI-22-XXN-4.000000D SiTime -40 TO 85C, 3225, 25PPM, 2.25V-3 $0.646/pcs Inquiry
591QB156M250DGR Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) SINGLE FREQUENCY XO, OE PIN 1 $5.096/pcs Inquiry
CB3LV-3C-60M0000 Image CB3LV-3C-60M0000 CTS Electronic Components OSC XO 60.000MHZ HCMOS TTL SMD $0.742/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-82-30S-74.175824T Image SIT1602BI-82-30S-74.175824T SiTime -40 TO 85C, 7050, 25PPM, 3.0V, 7 $0.676/pcs Inquiry
AOCJY2A-26.000MHZ-F-SW Image AOCJY2A-26.000MHZ-F-SW Abracon Corporation OSC OCXO 26.000MHZ SNWV PC PIN $264.48/pcs Inquiry
501AAA24M0000CAF Image 501AAA24M0000CAF Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) OSC CMEMS 24.000MHZ LVCMOS SMD   Inquiry
SIT8208AI-G2-25S-12.288000Y SiTime -40 TO 85C, 2520, 25PPM, 2.5V, 1 $1.279/pcs Inquiry
SIT1602BI-31-28S-26.000000T Image SIT1602BI-31-28S-26.000000T SiTime -40 TO 85C, 5032, 20PPM, 2.8V, 2 $0.676/pcs Inquiry
Total 305,072 items